Laguna Resale


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For owners looking to sell their property at Laguna Phuket, the Laguna Resale program provides an easy, hassle-free process for marketing your property to a global audience. The program enables you to avoid the tedious work of dealing with multiple realtors and agents and have people who know the property best—the Laguna Property sales team—sell your property on your behalf.

Why use Laguna Resale to sell my home?

  • Huge customer base – In addition to our extensive database, Laguna continually has a fresh inflow of customers due to a destination resort comprising a collection of world-class hotels and luxury villa properties.  Of anyone on the island, we see the most customers and have the greatest chances of selling your home the fastest.
  • Trained sales staff – The staff has already been thoroughly trained on all the products within Laguna including your specific property. No one knows our properties better than we do!

How does the program work?

It can be done in a few simple steps:


  1. Register your interest! Let us know that you plan to sell your Laguna property
  2. Set up an appointment with sales staff to view your property and discuss about the current market + pricing strategies
  3. Complete resale documents
    • Registration Form
    • Resale Agency Agreement
    • Right to Enter Form
  4. Set up a date to do Photo Shooting of your unit
  5. Laguna resale will start marketing your property!